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Most Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Topics

  • HbA1c

    1. Is the HbA1c test right for me?

    2. What is HbA1c?

  • Understand the test procedure

    1. How does the process work?

    2. How is the test performed?

  • Order

    1. Can I purchase a test service for someone else?

    2. Can I tell my friends about your services?

    3. How do I order a test service?

    4. How do I order test services for family members?

    5. How do the yearly subscription services work?

    6. I don’t have an email address; can I still use the MyHealthTest service?

    7. What if I don’t know which test services to order for someone else?

  • Pay for the tests

    1. Can I claim the cost of the tests through Medicare or my Health Insurance Fund?

    2. Can I use my debit or credit card for online purchases?

    3. Is my payment information secure?

    4. When is payment due?

  • Receive the test kit

    1. What if my kit is incomplete or damaged?

    2. When will I receive my sample collection kit?

    3. Does the sample collection kit expire?

  • Prepare for the test

    1. Do I need a prescription from my healthcare provider to order a test service?

    2. Should I fast before collecting a blood sample?

    3. Can I use my own lancet?

  • Receive my results

    1. Are the results easy to understand?

    2. Can I receive my results through email?

    3. I can’t open my results

    4. When will I receive my results?

  • Interpret the results

    1. Can I share my information with my health care provider?

    2. What if I have questions about my results?

    3. Will I be able to view results for family members?

    4. Why are my test results different from my previous results?

  • Manage my account

    1. How do I create an account?

    2. How do I manage my account information?

    3. What does having an account give me?

    4. Why do I need to create an account?

  • Trust the privacy of this website

    1. Why should I trust you with my information?