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Free at-Home Diabetes Blood Tests Offered During

National Diabetes Week


During National Diabetes Week, MyHealthTest is running a program of free blood testing to enable individuals to simply and easily check their risk of diabetes at home.

MyHealthTest provides a simple at home finger prick blood test that measures an individual’s average blood sugar level over the past three months (known as HbA1c).

The HbA1c diabetes test is an indicator of a person’s risk of developing diabetes or diabetes-related complications. It analyses blood sugar levels over a three-month period, unlike blood sugar level testing (via a glucometer) which reports on blood sugar level variations at a snap-shot in time.

More than two million Australians over the age of 25 are unknowingly living with a condition known as pre-diabetes, according to MyHealthTest’s marketing director Dr Marianne Gould.

“If left undiagnosed and untreated, pre-diabetes can lead to type 2 diabetes which can result in serious and life threating health complications,” she said.

The MyHealthTest blood testing service allows people to conduct a simple finger prick blood test at home, return their blood sample via post to the lab and then access their results via a confidential online website. Results can then be shared and discussed with their healthcare professional.

The results from MyHealthTest’s finger-prick blood testing service have been scientifically verified[1] as being comparable to tests conducted using an intravenous blood sample in a traditional pathology setting.

Dr Gould said the MyHealthTest promotion during National Diabetes Week enabled people who might not see their doctor for regular health checks with the opportunity to simply, easily and accurately check their risk of diabetes at home.

Individuals can order their free blood test service by visiting the MyHealthTest website at www.myhealthtest.com. A blood test kit will be mailed out to the first 1,000 respondents with simple, easy to follow instructions. The free National Diabetes Week promotion will run until July 16 or until all 1,000 test services have been redeemed.

MyHealthTest is encouraging all Australians to know their risk of diabetes during National Diabetes Week and to discuss any concerns they might have with their healthcare professional. 



National Diabetes Week runs from 9-15 July 2017

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Tania Paccanaro

p: 0414 920 299

e: taniap@minthealth.com.au


 BMC Clinical Pathology 2015 15:13

 Mastronardi et al.2015

 Published: 8 July 2015

This study published by researchers at the ANU found results for the MHT (HbA1c) Diabetes Test were comparable to traditional whole blood testing.